1. Its not fun to be single at 41. I was married for 10 years. Im divorced i got two children. Its hard to start again after marriage. Its hard to really look at someone and go hey, maybe something nice will happen, you just don’t. I just know too much about life to have any optimism. Because i know that even if its nice, its going to lead to shit. I know that if you smile at somebody and they smile back, you’ve just decided that something shitty is going to happen. You might have a nice couple of dates, then she’ll stop calling you back, and that’ll feel shitty. Or you’ll date for a long time, and then she’ll have sex with one of your friends or you will with one of hers, and that’ll be shitty. Or you’ll get married and it won’t work out and you’ll get divorced and split your friends, and money, and that’s horrible. Or you’ll meet the perfect person who you love infinitely and you even argue well. And you grow together, and you have children, and then you get old together and then she’s gonna die….Thats the best case scenario. It’s that you’re going to lose your best friend and then just walk home from D’agostino with heavy bags everyday, and wait for your turn to be nothing also.

    — Louis C.K. (Louie Season 1 Episode 1)

    I love this show so much

  2. Self Improvement

    I’m up to 4 miles on my runs, quit smoking, and got out of a relationship that was emotionally crippling. Finally feels like I’m moving forward

  3. It’s Not Possible That Everyone Lives Happily Ever After

    Someone always has to get hurt

  4. Leave their world behind

    And find the one that feels like home to you

  5. lol


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  6. My life is FUUUUUUuUuUUUCKED up… And I have nobody to blame but myself.

  7. Nothing Left

    I’m your stability, he’s your passion
    I’m your rock, he’s your fire
    I’m always there, he burns you I’m taken for granted, he’s always on your mind

    The fire burns out, leaving only destruction and waste. But by the time it does the rock has been beaten and broken so much it has turned to sand.
    Nothing like what it was before,
    Like what it could have been.

    Nothing left but ashes and sand from love lost and lives wasted.